Brentwood Forest Stage 33 Release 4

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Thank you for your interest in the Brentwood Forest Stage 33 Release 4.

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^This document does not constitute a binding agreement to sell or purchase a proposed lot in Brentwood Forest, and merely constitutes your interest to participate for an opportunity to purchase a lot. If you are successful and have selected a lot, a Contract of Sale and disclosure material will be submitted for execution in due course and the Initial Deposit remains fully refundable at the direction of the Customer(s) or AVID prior to the execution and exchange of a Contract of Sale. AVID reserves the right to accept or refuse any offer in its absolute discretion and will not be bound until execution and exchange of a Contract of Sale. If the parties proceed with an exchange of Contract of Sale, the Initial Deposit will be treated as the Contract deposit under the Contract of Sale. The Property is as shown on marketing plans used by AVID at the time of this Customer Expression Of Interest Form. The plans may not have been approved by the relevant authority. The plans, the area and price above are indicative only and subject to change by AVID without any consultation with the Customer(s).